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Volunteers are one of the most important resources to the Chandler Police Department. Many of our programs would not exist without volunteer participation. Volunteers dedicate thousands of hours annually to assist the Chandler Police Department and the Chandler community.

Volunteers in Policing Program Rules

  • A one-year commitment is required of all volunteers.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Volunteers are asked to donate at least 16 hours per month to the program.
  • The Chandler Police Department provides all training and equipment.
  • Hours are flexible and can include days, nights and weekends.

What to expect Types of Volunteer Positions.

The Chandler Police Department’s Volunteer in Policing program offers several areas where volunteers may assist. Volunteer positions include chaplain, dispatch aide, DUI task force, explorer advisor, fingerprint services, general clerical assistant, fleet assist, motorist assist, telephone warrant compliance and victim services. Job descriptions of many volunteer positions are listed below.


Citizens from the faith community serve as Police Chaplains. The Chaplaincy Program provides assistance to police and serves all aspects of the Department during critical incidents.

Dispatch Aide

Volunteers assist by updating files and confirming information that is currently in our system. Volunteers also pull 9-1-1 calls as requested by officers and staff.

DUI Task Force

Volunteers set up and operate the command post at the designated DUI Task Force site and assist officers with the booking process.

Police Cadet Advisor Assistant

Volunteers assist the Police Cadet Program Advisor with planning, implementing and training activities for youth 14-21 years of age. The Cadet program is specifically designed for young men and women ages 14 to 21 who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Volunteers attend the weekly meetings, conduct training and community service activities and assist at special events.

Fleet Assist

Volunteers assist the fleet officer with transporting vehicles to and from the yard for maintenance. They also assist with special assignments such as transporting vehicles to the calibration testing station.

General Clerical

Volunteers perform a variety of clerical and general service tasks assisting police support personnel in routine duties. Volunteers are assigned to any division within the Police Department in need of assistance.

Motorist Assist

Volunteers are uniformed civilians who are trained to provide assistance to motorists who have encountered vehicular problems. These volunteers drive police cars with “Volunteers In Policing” markings and utilize the same radios and in-car computers as Police Officers for communications and dispatching while performing their duties on patrol. Motorist Assist volunteers may be called upon to assist at vehicular accident scenes, perform traffic control or carry out other assigned duties for which they have been trained.

Telephone Warrant Compliance

Volunteers assist the Criminal Apprehension Unit by contacting, by phone, persons with city court warrants and directing them to take care of the warrants before CAU needs to come to the home to make an arrest.


Volunteers transcribe audio interviews for the Criminal investigations Bureau.

Victim Services

Volunteers assist in the Victim Services Unit as crime victims work with law enforcement and victim advocates. They also conduct phone satisfaction surveys to assist in evaluating and improving services offered to victims of crime.

Basic info Requirements to be a Volunteer.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • A one-year commitment to volunteer

The existence of any of the conditions listed below may result in rejection from the selection process. These areas will be explored during an extensive background investigation and polygraph examinations.

Drug History

  • Cannot have used marijuana in the past year;
  • Cannot have ever sold, produced, cultivated or transported marijuana for sale;
  • Cannot have used any dangerous drug in the past five years;
  • Cannot have ever sold, produced, manufactured or transported a dangerous drug for sale (steroids, methamphetamine, ecstasy, PCP and psilocybin mushrooms);
  • Cannot have used a narcotic drug in the past five years;
  • Cannot have ever sold, produced, transported or cultivated a narcotic drug (heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine);
  • Cannot have shown a history of prescription drug abuse in the past three years.

Driving History

  • Cannot have six or more moving violations in the past three years. If there are three to five violations in the past three years, it will be investigated further;
  • No criminal traffic violations in the past three years (DUI, reckless driving, criminal speed).

Criminal History

  • No felony convictions;
  • No sexual offense convictions;
  • No domestic violence or crimes of violence in the past five years;
  • No misdemeanor convictions in the past year;
  • No affiliation with a criminal street gang

More Program Information

For more information on volunteering, contact Lisa Moran at 480-782-4909 or email