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When you join the Chandler Police Department, you’ll be working in a diverse city with a growing population. We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, advanced technology, and a chance to make a meaningful impact in our community.

Getting started What qualifies as a lateral officer?

A lateral officer is an experienced certified Peace Officer in good standing.

In-State Lateral

A successful certified Arizona Peace Officer applicant will start the field training program upon being selected.

Out-of-State Lateral

Individuals who have served honorably as a peace officer in Arizona and their certification as a peace officer has lapsed, or served in another state or a federal agency, may be eligible to be a certified Arizona law enforcement officer by successfully completing the waiver testing process. The waiver tests are administered in lieu of attending an Arizona peace officer basic course at an academy.

Out of State Lateral Waiver Process

The waiver test has two (2) components:

  1. Proficiency testing must be completed after appointment and before the written component. The three (3) part proficiency test consisting of:
    • Firearms qualification (day, night, target identification/discrimination)
    • Tactical Driving Qualification
    • The Peace Officer Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT) which contains five events including:
      1. 500-yard run: run 500 yards as fast as possible
      2. Chain link fence climb: scale a 6-foot chain link fence followed by a 25-yard sprint
      3. Solid wall climb: scale a 6-foot solid wood fence followed by a 25-yard sprint
      4. 99-yard obstacle course: this is a series of turns over 99 yards that include two curbs and a sawhorse to go over which will be interspersed during the course. It stimulates a foot pursuit through a parking lot
      5. 165 pound "dummy" drag: must drag a 165-pound dummy backwards for 32 feet
    *All events are timed and scored in a pass/fail mode. You have multiple attempts to complete each event with rest in between. Each event is individually timed with a matching point score for each event. All the scores are totaled up for a final score which coincides with an overall percent score. It is scored for males and females separately.
  2. The written component consists of a comprehensive test.
    • The written component covers functional areas 1 through 8 in the learning curriculum.
    • The comprehensive final exam (CFE) is divided into three testing blocks. Each block must be passed with a minimum score of 70%.

For further information about the waiver process, please click on the links below.

AZ Peace Officer Standards & Training Board Waiver AZPOST Waiver Process Manual

Competitive pay Police Officer Lateral Pay Program.

Less than 1 year of experience $32.24/HR
1 year of experience $33.85/HR
2 years of experience $35.56/HR
3 years of experience $37.33/HR
4 years of experience $39.19/HR
5 years of experience $41.17/HR
6 years of experience $43.22/HR
7 or more years of experience $45.39/HR

Lateral Officers Lateral Applicants.

Arizona State Certified Applicant

Police Officers certified in Arizona, must have completed an AZPOST approved academy program and have successfully been certified by AZPOST as a peace officer and currently be in good standing;

Out-of-State Certified Applicant

Police officers certified in a state other than Arizona or certified by a federal law enforcement agency, must have 1 year of experience and currently employed as a peace officer or have resigned in good standing from an agency within 30 months of application. In addition, peace officers with certifications other than from Arizona will need to meet all AZPOST requirements for the waiver process to gain Arizona peace officer certification without attending a formal academy

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